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Stratford-upon-Avon Neighbourhood Plan




Your Town, Your Plan...it's time to write Stratford's Future 




Lepus Consulting have now formally updated the Strategic Environmental Assessment which took longer than we anticipated. We are now in a position to submit the Neighbourhood Development Plan to Stratford District Council before the formal six week consultation starts. We will inform you when this happens.

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Progress Update - December 2016

Before the Neighbourhood Development Plan can be submitted to Stratford District Council for Examination, Lepus Consulting needs to formally update the Strategic Environment Assessment. It has been necessary to commission a small amount of additional work on the Neighbourhood Development Plan evidence base to allow Lepus to complete its report. 

It is anticipated that this additional work will be completed by the end of January. This should mean that the NDP package will be ready for submission to SDC at the beginning of February.

There will then be a formal 6 week consultation throughout February and most of March before, potentially, Examination in May 2017.



Progress Update - November 2016

The latest draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is available here. This has been approved by the Town Council.

We are waiting for a consultant to update the Strategic Environmental Assessment to reflect changes to our Plan following the publication of the Core Strategy. This is needed for the evidence base. Once updated SEA has been received there may be further amendments after which the Plan will submitted to the District Council for the technical formalities including further consultation and Examination by an Independent Examiner.

It is expected that the Plan will be submitted to SDC by the end of this month.

We will then be another step nearer to the Referendum which will take place in 2017.



Progress Update - October 2016

We are pleased to tell you that after several busy weeks following adoption of the District Council’s Core Strategy, we have completed the submission draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  It was presented to the Town Council on 4 October for their consideration and unanimously approved. We are now one step nearer to the Referendum which will take place in 2017!  We are waiting for a consultant to update the Environmental Impact Assessment to reflect changes to our Plan following the  publication of the Core Strategy.  This is needed for the evidence base.  Once this is received the Plan will be published on this website and submitted to the District Council for Examination by an Independent Planning Inspector.  There will be more news at the Examination stage.



 Progress Update - July 2016

After the District Council Core Strategy [CS] was adopted a few days ago, we are now in a position to start the final push to complete the required documentation for the Neighbourhood Development Plan [NDP].

We are in the process of undertaking a review of every word we have written in the NDP to ensure that there are no conflicts with the CS, and compiling the supporting evidence required from the last 4 years [it has been a long journey] for the Examination by an independent Examiner. We have to provide a comprehensive record of our activities, which includes open days, local press coverage and our responses to the many, many replies we received from the residents of Stratford town after the consultation in 2015.  Even deciding what photographs we include to support our evidence throughout the document has been time consuming!

We have amended the Plan in light of all the representations made last year and the District Council have completed a ’Healthcheck’ of the amended NDP in light of the CS,  helping us to ensure we are broadly in accordance with it and specifically not in conflict with it or Government policy, and we are now reviewing the comments SDC have made.  All of this has prolonged the work we have to do and we carry on towards submission as soon as possible.

 Progress Update - 8 March 2016

The Steering Group welcomes the District Council Core Strategy Examination Update, March 2016, https://www.stratford.gov.uk/planning/key-dates.cfm which we believe will enable the Neighbourhood Plan to be finalised shortly afterwards.   

Progress Update - 1 February 2016


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group intends to submit the draft Neighbourhood Plan for Examination shortly after Stratford District Council’s Core Strategy has been finalised and the Core Strategy Inspector’s Final Report issued.  Any changes to the Core Strategy which impact on the Neighbourhood Plan will need to be reflected in the Submission Draft.  In the meantime work continues on the evidence base and Consultation Statement.   

Public Consultation and Consultation Statement

The Representations on the Pre-submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan have been consolidated and assembled into separate tables for each of the Policies within the Plan.  These tables run to several hundred pages.  Responses are being prepared for each Representation and consideration given to any changes that may need to be made to the Policies or the explanatory text.  These will form part of the Consultation Statement that has to accompany the Neighbourhood Plan when it is submitted for Examination, at which time it will be available for public inspection.  This process is fundamental to any revision of the Plan, so needs to be rigorous and is taking time due to the technical complexity of some of the issues raised and the small number of volunteers available to undertake it.  Advice, where appropriate, is being sought from the Planning Officers in the Stratford District and Warwickshire County Councils and we are dependent on their availability.

 Housing Needs Survey

In order to address representations received from Stratford District Council, a Housing Needs Survey (HNS), conducted by the independent Warwickshire Rural Community Council on behalf of the Stratford Town Council, was concluded in October and a Report issued to the Town Council in November.  13,978 Housing Needs Survey Forms were distributed and 3,327 forms were returned.  This equates to a response rate of 23.8% which is considered to be good for a survey of this type.  Where appropriate, separate results are reported for Stratford Town, Tiddington and Alveston.  This is the first time that such a survey has been conducted for the Civil Parish of Stratford upon Avon.  The Report has been shared and discussed with the Housing Officers of Stratford District Council, and together with the District Council's own data on its Housing List for Stratford upon Avon, it will form part of the evidence base to support the proposed Housing Policies in the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Town Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Team are most grateful for those residents who responded to the survey.  CLICK HERE for A copy of the HNS Report.

Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan

Both the Consultations Representations and Housing Needs Survey will be taken into account in the Submissions Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. In addition,the Stratford District Core Strategy has still to be completed, which has an impact on the timeframe within which we can deliver a Submission Plan. The Hearings into the Examination in Public (EiP) of the Core Strategy were resumed in January and 6 Hearings were held between 12-21 January to consider the specific areas that the Inspector required to be revisited by the District Council in his Interim Report issued last year.  Some further work is required of the District Council so the Inspector only adjourned the Hearings on 21 January. It is the understanding of the Neighbourhood Plan Team that the process moving forward would be as follows: 

  • Documentation required by the Inspector prepared and issued to him and interested parties;
  • Receipt of a further Inspectors Interim Report setting out the main modifications required to ensure the plan is sound;
  • SDC undertake a six week consultation on the main modifications;
  • The representations received are assessed by the Inspector (this usually happens on a written basis, but there is the potential for him to re-open the hearings);
  • Inspector issues Final Report
  • SDC implements the adoption procedures.

It would be unwise for the Neighbourhood Plan to be finalised and submitted for its own Examination before at least the Inspector's Final Report is received and considered.  Taking account of the time for the process above that would be required before the Inspector could issue his Final Report, it seems to us unlikely that this would be before the end of May at the earliest, and this will have a direct impact on our own preparation timeframe, though we are continuing to work towards achieving a Submission Draft by June 2016.


Pre-Submission Consultation has now ended

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has produced a Pre-Submission Consultation Draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan on behalf of Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council.

The steering group is made up of more than 40 volunteers including residents and representatives of local organisations.

The Pre-Submission draft has been distributed electronically to Statutory Consultees (in accordance with a list provided by Stratford on Avon District Council) and to many local business and organisations.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is for Stratford upon Avon Town Council area, and after this consultation we will consider your comments and remarks before submitting a final draft to the District Council for examination.

Stratford Neighbourhood Development Plan Proposal, map.

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