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Housing Needs Survey

Mon 1st February

To help complete the draft Neighbourhood Plan it has been decided that a Housing Needs Survey would provide valuable information which hasn't been undertaken in the town for many years.  You will receive a letter from Stratford Town Council this week, see below, with the survey and a FREEPOST envelope which you are asked to complete and return by 9 October.  We look forward to this extra information and thank you for your support.

September 2015

Dear Householder

The Town Council is responsible for the Civil Parish of Stratford-upon-Avon which covers the maintown of Stratford, and the villages of Tiddington and Alveston as well as a substantial rural area. TheCouncil is aware that a lack of affordable and suitable housing is an issue for many communities,which can lead to local people being forced to move away.

To assess whether or not this is a problem in Stratford-upon-Avon parish we are carrying out a surveyto identify the types and sizes of homes that local people need. The survey is for everyone,however, not just people in housing need. The questions in the first part of the survey will help tocompile a profile of residents and some general points about life in the parish. Information on localneed is very important as it will form part of our evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan. We really need your help and ask all households to complete a survey form.

 People who are not in housing need are requested to complete page 1 only.

 People in need of either affordable or market housing are requested to complete all parts ofthe form.

The survey is being carried out in partnership with Warwickshire Rural Community Council (WRCC).When the survey is complete the Town Council will consider the results of the survey and worktogether with the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Stratford-on-Avon District Council toexplore how any needs can be addressed.

PLEASE NOTE that people in housing need do not have to be living in Stratford-upon-Avonparish at the present time. They do, however, need to have a strong local connection, e.g. theywork in the parish, previously lived in the parish but moved away to find affordable/suitable housing orthey have a close relative in the parish. If you know of anyone with a strong connection to the parishbut currently living elsewhere please encourage them to contact Sarah Brooke-Taylor, Rural HousingEnabler for WRCC, on 01789 842182 or email sarahbt@wrccrural.org.uk so that a survey form can besent to them.

All information you give will be treated in strict confidence and Stratford-upon-Avon TownCouncil will not see individual replies. The analysis will be carried out independently by WRCCand it will retain all survey forms. Forms should be returned by9th October 2015 in the ‘Freepost’envelope provided.

Thank you for your help in conducting this survey.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Tessa Bates

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