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The full results of our first consultation with you

Mon 16th April

Over 1500 people closely connected with Stratford-upon-Avon have given their verdict on what they like about the town and what they would like to change.  This survey, the largest ever carried out in Stratford-upon-Avon, was conducted by the Neighbourhood Plan Group to get a handle on what local people really feel so that the Neighbourhood Plan is robustly evidence-based. 

The survey was open to residents of the town and the immediate surrounding area and to those who work or study in the town.  Participants could fill in “mood cards” listing three things they like about the town as it is now and three things they would like to change or complete the survey on-line.

To view the complete report CLICK HERE

The results show that participants value the attractive environment of the town highly.  17% mentioned the green spaces such as the Bancroft Gardens, Welcombe Hills and the Recreation Ground, while 12% mentioned the town’s historic buildings and 9% mentioned the river.  10% like the friendly character of Stratford.   


Respondents were asked what they would change about the town.  Again, the environment featured highly, in particular traffic and congestion with 14% of respondents mentioning this.  This was also the top priority for people of all ages and equally important to those who live and work in the town.  13% would like to see improvements in parking.  Respondents had mixed views about the shopping opportunities in Stratford, with 12% including the shopping among the three things they liked best about the town, but 11% wanting improvements in the shopping on offer.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group has been working hard recently on its response to the District Council’s Draft Core Strategy which (among many other things) will set out the target levels for new housing in the district over the next 16 years and their locations.  So the group was particularly interested to k now what local residents thought about housing development.  8% of respondents wanted to control housing development and a high proportion of these (6% of total respondents) put this as their top priority.  The top priority of all for change was traffic and congestion (9%) with the same numbers (6%) highlighting improved shopping, improved parking, protecting green spaces and controlling development.

In all, the survey has provided the Neighbourhood Plan Group with a firm evidence base on which to go forward and the group would like to thank respondents for the time and trouble they took in giving it their views.


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